When people think about the climate in Montreux likely the first thing they picture is snow. This is because Montreux is located at the base of the Swiss Alps, and the town is known for its skiing and other winter sports. The truth is, although there is often snow at the highest points in the Swiss Alps for much of the year, there is actually some beautiful weather during the spring, summer, and fall months.

One thing important to point out about Montreux climate, though, is that there is a lot of precipitation year-round and there are fewer hours of sunshine during the days throughout the year compared to some other popular ski destinations. The funny thing is that the drier season is the spring rather than the summer or fall. If you are thinking about visiting Montreux for something other than skiing and want to decide what is the best time for you to go then it is important to take a closer look at each of the seasons before making a final decision.

Montreux Winters

Obviously you will see a considerable amount of snow if you visit Montreux during the winter but you may be surprised to find out that the temperatures do not often get to the point of being bitter cold. In fact, days with temperatures below zero tend to be pretty rare. The coldest months in Montreux are generally November, December, January, and February.

Montreux in the Spring

Although the spring is characterized by warmer days, the beginning of spring is also characterized by the most precipitation. This is particularly so in regards to March, a month that frequently sees rain and/or snow. The great thing about this, though, is that you can plan to go skiing in the spring and actually be somewhat warm when you are doing so.

Montreux Summers

Summers in Montreux are ideal because they very rarely get excessively hot at all. The mild temperatures make for refreshing summer air and the perfect setting for all kinds of wonderful festivals. Precipitation is a bit less frequent than in the spring, but it still characterizes about half of the days in the summer months, so be sure to bring some rain clothes.

Montreux in the Fall

The early fall months are possibly the best time to visit Montreux, both because the temperatures are extremely mild and because the scenery is spectacular. The backdrop of the mountains with the tress with colorful leaves in front of them is a one of a kind sight for sure. And October can be so warm that is sometimes feels like summer.

Anytime of year is a great time to visit Montreux because the town offers something to do during every time of year. There are festivals during the summer, there is skiing during the winter and plenty to do in between. Knowing what to expect when you get there, though, is the key to truly enjoying your vacation in the beautiful Swiss town of Montreux.