If you have been wanting to take a tip to Switzerland but have not yet been able to decide which of the breathtaking cities to visit then you should know that one of the most beautiful cities in the country to visit is Montreux.  Montreux Switzerland is not only a city with beautiful sweeping views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps but it is also a city with plenty to do for the eager tourist as well.  In fact, there are a number of historic world heritage sights that alone can keep you busy during your visit to Montreux.  The vibrant city, with a population of more than 20,000, sits at the base of the Swiss Alps, so not only do you get a city but you also get, on the outskirts, a quaint little mountain town.  And these characteristics do not even begin to touch the long list of reasons for why you should spend your time in Switzerland in Montreux.  But there are three reasons in particular that most people travel to this wonderful Swiss city.

  1. The Beautiful Natural Surroundings – First and foremost on  many travelers’ list of reasons for visiting Montreux, or Switzerland in general, is the beautiful natural surroundings.  There is such a diverse mixture of natural landscapes that the eyes will never be bored.  From mountain peaks to lakes to prairie fields, everywhere you look there are spectacular landscapes to see.  And it does not even matter which time of year you visit this lovely city, each landscape is just as beautiful in each season.
  2. The Great Swiss Cuisine – Many people also visit Montreux for the delicious Swiss cuisine that they get the opportunity to try.  You can try Swiss dishes in restaurants around the world but, to be sure, when you try them in Switzerland you will get a better feel for the true flavors of the country.  Many dishes contain the two biggest selling Swiss products, cheese and chocolate, so you can be sure that some of the dishes you try will be pretty unique.
  3. The Adventure Sports – Since Montreux is at the base of the Swiss Alps and it sits on Lake Geneva it only makes sense that there are plenty of adventure sports to participate in.  Ski aficionados flock to Montreux during the winter season and water lovers pour into the city in droves during the summer for nautical activities.  Adventure sports are the number one reason for Montreux being such a popular tourist destination.

There are numerous reasons to visit Montreux Switzerland and many great Montreux hotels to stay at during your visit.  To be sure, though, you will be spending very little time in your Montreux accommodation because there is so much to keep you busy here.