Switzerland is a country with so much to offer it is difficult to decide what to do when you visit there, and the wonderful little village of Montreux is particularly special in this respect.  Not only is the village rather large and certainly well maintained,  but it is also authentically Swiss to the core. 

Montreux Switzerland dates back hundreds of years, and it was for good reason that the land was settled.  The village is full of great resources, being at the foot of the magnificent Alps mountain range and being home to the spectacular Lake Geneva.  And the town is a bit more modern than many of the other Swiss villages you will see.  But with all the modernity, there is a level of authentic Switzerland lost, and this is something that you do not want to miss out on experiencing. 

If you plan your trip to Montreux right you can have a little bit of everything.  But first and foremost you will want to ensure that you do not miss out on some very enjoyable Swiss experiences.  There are three things authentically Swiss that you will certainly want to make time for. 

  • A Stay in a Swiss Chalet – If you have ever heard anything about Switzerland prior to now then you have no doubt heard the term “Swiss chalet.”  A Swiss chalet is a type of accommodation that is quite unique from the typical hotel accommodation.  The style of the Swiss chalet is characterized by exposed beams, gabled roofs, decorative moldings, oversized windows, and balconies.  A stay in one will offer an authentic Swiss experience. 
  • The Swiss Alps – A stay in Switzerland is not complete without seeing the magnificent Swiss Alps, even if you do not have skiing in mind.  The mountain peaks serving as a backdrop of Montreux makes for breathtaking scenery.  But there is even more to enjoy if you take the opportunity to get up close to see them.
  • Swiss Cuisine – Last but not least, Swiss cuisine offers the most authenticity to any Swiss vacation.  There are plenty of restaurants throughout Montreux serving up a wide variety of Swiss specialties.  Whether you are looking for modern, or classic, or something in between, you will be sure to find it in Montreux.

There are plenty of typical vacation activities to enjoy while in Montreux, but don’t forget to take home memories of authentic Swiss experiences as well.