While visiting Montreux, make sure that you book a day trip on The Chocolate Train.  This delicious tourist attraction combines the experience of a train ride with breathtaking views, cheese and chocolate factory tours and, of course, delicious chocolates.  This experience is a great way to see the beautiful scenery in Switzerland while being lulled by the sound of the train as it rolls over the tracks.

When booking your tickets you can choose from two types of train cars for your trip.  The Pullman “Belle Epoque” is a vintage 1915 carriage that offers four seats facing each other across a table or two single seats facing each other across a smaller table.  The panorama train car is a more modern way to travel on The Swiss Chocolate train.  This car offers panoramic views of the vineyards and countryside from oversized windows.

You first stop will be in Gruyeres.  You will visit the cheese-making factor to see how they make their world-famous cheese.  After your factory tour, you will have time to explore the lovely town on your own and enjoy lunch from one of the delightful restaurants in Gruyeres. You will then board the train again and travel to Broc where you will visit the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory.  You will get to see first hand how the fine chocolate is made before sampling some of the delicious treats made at the factory.  The chocolate factor is located between Lake Gruyeres and the Alps providing stunning views from your train car as you arrive in Broc.

You can purchase tickets in advance online and print your tickets before arriving at the station.  Children under four may ride on a parent’s lap; however, if you want your children to have their own seat on the train, you must purchase a separate ticket for each child.  Unfortunately, you are not permitted to request seat assignments when you purchase your tickets.  Plan to arrive at the train station at least thirty minutes before departure.   If you are traveling with luggage, you are responsible for your own luggage.  You can store small bags in racks over the seating; however, it is best to check with the railway if you intend to bring larger items.

The Swiss Chocolate Train is a delightful way to spend the day that will tempt you senses with gorgeous sights and tasteful treats.