Things You Should Not Missed in Montreux

Switzerland is just one of the countries that have different places where you can enjoy of staying for a vacation. Each place comes with unique and different views, attractions, festivals, and foods to offer. Hence, wherever you plan to go in Switzerland, you can ensure that you will enjoy your stay in here.

Montreux is just one of the places you can visit in this country. With different attractions it has, everything in this place will interest you indeed. If you are looking for something good and interesting facts about Montreux, this is the best place for you to know it.

When it comes to going on a certain place, one of the things we look for then are the attractions they offer. Montreux comes with different interesting views and attractions that you could visit and enjoy of viewing. Apart from that, the place comes with different hotels where you can stay the entire vacation together with your friends or family. Moreover, several festivals are also conducted each year and thus, if you come here during feasts they do annually, the more you would enjoy your stay. Of course, who else would forget about the dishes each place serves? This article will provide all the information you want to know more about Montreux, Switzerland.

Come, as we learn the interesting stuff of the place and know what you should not missed in Montreux.


If Zermatt is known for skiing, Montreux is also known for popular excursion and holiday destination for many. In fact, it is famous for its beautiful location on Lake Geneva. When it comes to the attractions the place has, there are numerous ones available and the following are just some of it.

Chateau de Chillon

If you haven’t known this place, it is an island castle located on Lake Geneva, south of Veytaux in the Canton of Vaud. It is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Switzerland. This was established during the 13th century and that has been a historic place for royal blooded figures like emperor, princesses, and popes. This place has never been destroyed and in fact, it was well preserved ever since the establishment of it. This castle has been used as an armory, a warehouse, a prison, a hospital, and a tourist attraction of today’s generation.

Chateau de Chatelard

Montreux is known to have several castles as tourist attractions. Among them aside from Chateau de Chillon is the Chateau de Chatelard. This place is now known to become a key focus of local wine production and is that one of the attractions Switzerland has. It was built some time ago in 1441 during the Burgundy Wars by Jean de Gingins.

If you are a wine lover, visiting this place should never be out of your list when you go in Montreux.


Montreux’s one of the bests is the product of wine the place has. Aside from Chateau de Chatelard, St. Saphorin is a typical wine village wherein formed with vineyard of Lavaux.  This is located in the district of Lavaux-Oron. You can taste the famous local wines in this village as this has been a tradition to the region. The place is known to produce local wines like light dry whites ‘St-Saphorin’ or ‘Epesses.’


Aside from wine, Montreux is also known to make cheese. May you be a wine lover or a cheese fanatic, going to this place should never be missed. This place is a town in the district of Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. Reaching in this place can be done via train or by car. They are known in making cheese popular as ‘Gruyère’ which is named after the town Gruyeres.  You can visit the famous cheese factory of this place too which is known to be as the La Maison du Gruyère.  The traditional lunch in all the restaurants is always served with raclette (a type of cheese and a Swiss dish).

Chateau La Tour-de Peilz

Other than the famous cheese and wine Montreux is known for, there this place in here which is known to hosts the Swiss Museum of Games. This is the Chateau La Tour-de Peilz which has been a permanent place for exhibition which features the games of cultures of all the continents of world since the Roman Times. This attraction has been built around 13th century ago and is standing still up to now.  This is located on Lake Geneva between Montreux and Vevey.

If you want to explore and see the kinds of games exhibited in this place, include Chateau La Tour-de Peilz then to your list before going to Montreux.


Lausanne is one of the secret destinations you must never forget to visiting when you go on a trip at Montreux. The city is famous for its elegance. Not just that, the historic Cathedral and the Olympic Committee headquarters are just some of the things you can see in the place.

Among the things you can view at Lausanne is the Musée de l’Art Brut. This attraction exhibits arts done by untrained artists including imprisoned criminals, mental patients, and eccentrics. More and more to see at the place and those are just some of the things the destination offers to you.

More and more attractions are available in Montreux where you can learn more about, view of, and at the same time, enjoy your stay. What are you waiting for? Have Montreux now in your list of the places you should never miss of visiting this year!


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