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Montreux Jazz Festival 2013

By   November 11, 2019

Montreux Switzerland is famous for many things but is most famous for the Montreux ski resorts and the Montreux festival.  Montreux weather is perfect for attracting skiers who adore skiing in the Switzerland.  Montreux has fantastic ski resorts that attract and cater to the skiing community.  However, once each year Montreux is turned into a huge jazz party.  The Montreux Jazz Festival is world famous among jazz lovers.  Our section on the Festival explains the Festival’s history and how this yearly event came to be held in Montreux each year.  Montreux hotels and tourism officials welcome guests each year to this special event.  The 47th Montreux Jazz Festival will be held beginning on July 5 2013 and running through July 20, 2013 with several new artists and events.

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