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Lake Geneva – An Idealistic Vacation Place

By   December 8, 2019

With Lake Geneva on one side and steep hills on the other and vineyards all around, Montreux is an idealistic place to getaway from it all and vacation. A traditional town, with a mild climate and beautiful grand buildings and trees, there is even a medieval island castle to tour. The Château de Chillon has a chapel, formal halls, ramparts, and 14th-century murals.

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The Beauty of Montreux Is One You’ll Never Forget

By   November 19, 2019

One of the most beautiful cities in the world is Montreux which is located in one of the most beautiful countries, Switzerland.  Sitting picturesque on Lake Geneva, this traditional resort town has a lakeside and steep hills surrounding it.

It beacons visitors from around the world to come and indulge in chocolate, ski the slopes, visit the many medieval treasures, and shopping the many boutiques. Most importantly, once you have completed your day of Swiss adventures, any of the wonderful Montreux Hotels waits for you. A place to rest, sleep and rejuvenate for another round tomorrow. 

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What Better Place To Experience The Swiss Alps Than Switzerland?

By   November 11, 2019

Montreux Switzerland is rich in history and one of the world’s most beautiful places. But what makes this a vacation destination is the perfect skiing conditions during the Christmas holiday. Nestled at the foot of some beautiful and famous mountains with a gorgeous lake, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been here sooner.  And the Montreux hotels have their own uniqueness but stay in flavor of the surrounding area.

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