A Romantic Visit to Montreux

There is no shortage of reasons to visit Switzerland, at any time of the year, but one of the best reasons to visit Switzerland is for a little one-on-one romance time with your significant other. Sure you can incorporate any one of the activities that Switzerland is known for into your trip as well, but as long as you have each other you do not need anything more than the beautiful natural surroundings and access to the quaint little town of Montreux to inspire romance during your Swiss vacation. One cannot help but to feel the sense of romance in the air immediately upon arrival in the town, and the best thing is the romance does not stop there.

There are plenty of activities, restaurants, and places to visit in Montreux that will help inspire romance during your stay as well. Just imagine being in a place where you can always find somewhere to be alone, a place where the romanticism of history is around every corner, a place where cozying up next to a warm fire on a cold night is the norm. All of these things are Montreux, not just skiing and mountains capped with snow. But even though you really do not need to, as you will be romantically inspired immediately upon arrival, if you want to plan some romantic moments ahead of time there are a few places and activities that you should be sure to add to your romantic Montreux vacation itinerary.

Finding Romance in Montreux’s Great Outdoors

There are a number of ways that you can spend some romantic time together outdoors when you are in Montreux. Each of the four seasons offers a different type of outdoor romantic opportunity, especially if you are a true nature lover. Just a walk along the outskirts of town where you can get a good view of the Swiss Alps alone will inspire that sense of romanticism in even the most romantically challenged individual. Even more romance inspiring is Lake Geneva, with its beautiful sweeping views, colorful gardens, and sweet smelling fresh air.

Whether you choose to walk along the shore or take a guided boat tour, the beauty and romance of Lake Geneva will not be missed upon you. For those that are looking for something with a little more alone time, the many fields and pastures offer the perfect spot for a romantic picnic lunch. A walk through the many area vineyards in and around Montreux is a romance inspiring option as well. No matter how you decide to spend your time outside in Montreux, the romance that fills the air will take no time at all to fill you too.

Inspiring Romance With Montreux’s Fine Dining

Wherever you go there are always those restaurants that people go to specifically for the romantic ambiance, and there are plenty of those types of restaurants in Montreux. Whether you choose an Italian restaurant, a Mediterranean restaurant, or decide to stick to the more local flavors, you will find a restaurant that will set a romantic mood for the evening.

One of the favorite options for visitors to Montreux is L’Ermitage, a restaurant that not only has great food but a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva as well. There are also luscious deserts to share with your significant other, and the restaurant is open until fairly late at night. Another great option if you are looking for a romantic restaurant during your stay in Montreux is the Palace Hotel. Visitors here can enjoy rooftop dining and sweeping views of the lake and the Swiss Alps, a picturesque and romantic site for sure. Since the hotel dates back to 1906 you can also get a taste of the romantic history of Montreux here as well.

Finally, what better way to conjure up a romantic evening than simply ordering in to your hotel room or chalet? There are plenty of options for either having food delivered, picking up take out to bring back to your room with you, or even buying some of the local flavors to take back to you Swiss chalet with you to cook yourselves. All of these options will only make your Montreux vacation even more romantic for both of you.

The Most Romantic Accommodations in Montreux

There are many options in the way of romantic accommodations in Montreux, both in the way of hotels as well as in the way of private dwellings. There are a number of hotels that even offer romance packages that may include a number of different things, from chocolate upon arrival to complimentary champagne for lovers. And of course, no matter where you decide to stay you will always get that romance inspiring view.

The Palace Hotel is one option in Montreux that can surely be considered one of the more romantic hotels. The interior of the hotel is reminiscent of the grandeur that characterized the Victorian era, and the rooms in the hotel are just as lovely as the rest of the hotel. Another romantic option in Montreux hotels is the Le Mirador. This hotel is particularly special because it is not located right in the town, but rather in the quieter hill area of Montreux. In fact, this hotel is located within some of the most beautiful vineyards in and around the town.

If you really want romantic accommodations in Montreux, though, your best bet is either a secluded ski lodge or an even more secluded Swiss chalet. In one of the latter you will have each other completely to yourselves. And in many of the Swiss chalets you will also have that romance inspiring fireplace to cuddle up next to as well. Staying in one of these is the epitome of romance in Montreux.

You can spend all the time in the world trying to plan your romantic vacation in Montreux, but when you get there it will not take long for you to realize that there was very little you had to do at all, because romance is everywhere in Montreux.