Beauty, fun, nature and serenity all have its place in one place. Montreux Switzerland is where it all goes down. This fabulous city has managed to establish itself as a darling among most Swiss tourists. This is all because of the right reasons. Montreux has lots to offer even for those who have never heard much about this hidden beauty. This effervescent city is just but a jewel to behold. This is evident from the lay back attitude to the beautiful scenery that one has a view of from this lively city. The city might be small but it prides itself to be one of the best Swiss tour destinations.

When Switzerland is mentioned, the very first thing that comes to the picture is the ever majestic Swiss Alps. These mountains have remained the main reason behind the massive tourist influx experienced throughout the year in this country. It is without a doubt that Montreux is also a significant player in this ball game. Montreux hosts many of the tourists who come to this renowned ski destination. Given the strategic location of this city, many opt to stay here during their ski vacation. Montreux is proximally located to the Swiss Alps making it one spot that most tourists setup during their vacation.

While in Montreux one has more than enough to do between the times they are in their hotel room and when they go to the Swiss Alps to ski. There are other attractions in the city that can keep one intrigued during the stay. Chateau de Chillon and Lake Geneva are some of those places that can mesmerize one. Chateau de Chillon is a must see historic castle that stands majestically defying the changes in time. This is one spot that is very popular among tourists who take some time to learn about its captivating history. Those who would like to have a lot more different view of the Swiss Alps can visit Lake Geneva. Positioned somewhere between the town and mountain, the view from Lake Geneva is fascinating.

Being one of Switzerland’s most exciting and most visited cities, one would expect good accommodation services. This is an expectation that Montreux completely satisfies. This means that one is always sure of getting the best hospitality services during their entire Montreux stay irrespective of the hotel they choose. This paradise is the obvious destination for the Alpine skiers or the nature and history lovers.