A Christmas Holiday in Montreux

If you know anything about Switzerland then you probably already know that winter time is a great time to visit the country. What you might not know, though, is that it is not only because of the magnificent Swiss Alps. In fact, one of the things Switzerland is also most well-known for is its celebration of the Christmas holiday as well, and one of the largest and best Christmas celebrations in Switzerland is in the beautiful, picturesque town of Montreux. It’s not enough that the backdrop of the Alps and the old chalets will already put you in the holiday spirit.

Montreux has a tradition of going all out, so that when you get there you get the full effect of what a Christmas celebration is supposed to be all about. And if you decide that a Christmas holiday in Montreux is for you then you will want to make sure that you get to see all that there is to see so that you can experience the celebration in its entirety.

The Montreux Christmas Market

Possibly the best part of the Christmas celebration in Montreux is the Christmas Market, which is in no way like any ordinary market you have ever seen. If you thought the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva were mesmerizing then feast your eyes on the collection of nearly 150 different market booths. All different types of goods are offered for sale, from homemade Christmas crafts, to warm hats and scarves to keep the heat in during your stay in Switzerland, to delightful sweat treat for the little ones on your Christmas list or for the child in you. There are also multiple demonstrations for you to watch, for things like candy making and wood crafting, and of course all this takes place with the magnificent Swiss Alps well within view. But of all that you will enjoy while walking around the

Montreux Christmas market, one of the best things about it is the Christmas spirit that can be felt in the air. The stalls and chalets where the locals are selling their goods are all adorned with twinkling Christmas lights, so the fact that it is the holiday season is something that you simply will not forget. Visitors to the Montreux Christmas market will also have the opportunity to grab a bite to eat, and in the eating establishments there is just as much festivity as in the rest of the market. And finally, your Montreux Christmas market tour would not be complete without stopping off for a gaze at the humungous lighted Christmas tree. All of this will leave you with so much to talk about when you get back to your accommodations with your family.

The Christmas Village

Although the Christmas Village is not located directly in Montreux it is only a stone’s throw away, and you can easily get there by train if you are staying in Montreux. It will surely be worth your trip up the mountain to the tiny little village of Caux to see the village, and even more worth when you see the look on your children’s faces. For those that do not have children, you would be surprised at how much the Christmas Village will bring the child in you out. There is plenty to do during your visit, particularly for the kids. There are entertainment and games, and there is even a magical forest filled with magical forest characters to delight the young and those that are simply young at heart.

This is also where you can see some of the most beautiful Christmas trees, as there is a contest for the most beautiful tree held in the village. On top of that, you never know when you will get a glimpse of a real live reindeer. One of the best parts of the Christmas Village for kids, though, is of course Santa’s Workshop, and not just because they want a glimpse at all of the toys. At Santa’s Workshop kids will actually have the opportunity to make their very own Christmas gifts to give away to others. This is a great way to teach children what Christmas is really all about. A Christmas holiday in Montreux is definitely not complete without heading up to the mountain for a visit to the Christmas Village.

The House of Santa Claus

Also a little ways from Montreux but definitely a must see on a Swiss holiday journey is the House of Santa Claus. What kid hasn’t always wanted to see where Santa lives? And adults will enjoy the trip up the mountain just because. The House of Santa Claus is located more than 2000 meters high in the Swiss Alps at the magnificent site of the Rochers-de-Naye.

Santa Claus’s home is a beautiful grotto, adorned with festive decorations of course, and children actually get to sit with Santa during their visit. And kids also get to go on a treasure hunt at Santa’s house, complete with a prize at the end upon completion. For the parents and those without children, that will surely love the trip because they are still so young at heart, there is also the special scenery from this vantage point to enjoy. In addition there is a restaurant to eat at and souvenir shop where you can find the perfect gift to remind you and your children of the day that they met Santa Claus.

There are plenty of exciting ways to spend your Swiss holiday, but if you go during the Christmas holiday season you will get to experience a very unique type of Christmas spirit. This is also a great time to visit if you are an avid skier, which makes a trip to Montreux during the holiday season ideal for the entire family. Parents travelling with children can enjoy their time while leaving their children at the Christmas market daycare and the whole family can enjoy time together touring all of the holiday spots. In the end, you will see what celebrating Christmas is really all about.