Dining on Swiss Specialties in Montreux

There is no shortage of great restaurants to eat at during your stay in the quaint little town of Montreux, and no shortage of variety of types of foods either. When you stay in Montreux, though, you want to be sure to try some of Switzerland’s own specialties above all. To be sure, you can find all different cuisines from around the world, and even though not in their native countries the restaurants in Montreux seem to serve the dishes that different countries are famous for well. But one of the best ways to get close to the people and culture of any country is certainly through their food. And isn’t that what visiting other countries and cultures is really all about, experiencing from, learning about, and embracing that culture?

If this is how you feel then you will be happy to know that there are plenty of restaurants right in Montreux at which you can embrace Swiss culture through its wonderful food. There are three that stand out in particular, ones that tend to get great reviews time and time again by those that visit them.

  • Paradise Chalet – One restaurant that serves Swiss dishes in Montreux is the Paradise Chalet. The restaurant is characterized by a very laid back, informal atmosphere and the dishes are simple, yet oh so delicious. One of the things that Paradise Chalet is known for are its unique sandwiches, such as the Hot Chicken and Garlic Sauce Sandwich, the Chicken Kebab in Pita Bread, and the Lamb and chicken in Pita Bread. The restaurant is also known for its plated meals as well, namely the Lamb Steak and the Horse Steak plates that are served there. And of course the desert buffet, full of sweet delights, must be mentioned as well, as this is reason enough to visit Paradise Chalet alone.
  • Le Museum Restaurant – Since you will likely visit the Montreux Museum anyway, it only makes sense to stop of at the museum’s restaurant, Le Museum, to have a Swiss style bite to eat. Being in the museum, which can be found in a group of 17th century houses that were once owned by winegrowers, you would think the restaurant would be small and suitable for a casual meal rather than for the fine dining experience you would have there. So the laid back atmosphere makes the experience all the more enjoyable. There is something about enjoying a five-star meal at a more humble place where the staff is not breathing over you that makes the food seem to taste even better. The museum and the Le Museum Restaurant are located conveniently at the entrance of yet another place in Montreux that you must visit, the Old Town. Some of the starters and dishes that Le Museum offers are the Pumpkin Cream Soup w/ Chestnuts, the Fillets of Smoked Trout Served w/ Toasts and Horseradish Sauce, the Fondue Chinoise w/ Beef, Turkey, and Horse, and the Charbonnade w/ Beef Fillet. And for a side dish the Potato Gratin w/ ten different kinds of Swiss Cheeses is an absolute must. After all, isn’t cheese one of the things that Switzerland is all about?
  • La Vieille Ferme – The setting and the atmosphere at La Vieille Ferme are fantastic and alone make a trip to the restaurant worth your time and your money. The old world style of the exterior and the beautiful, flower filled landscaping speak Swiss in every way. But as beautiful as the setting is in this wonderful Montreux restaurant the food is what you really need to visit the restaurant for. Although the restaurant does serve dishes that do not necessarily come from Switzerland as well, the Swiss dishes served here are delectable. Meat and fish based dishes are some of the most popular at La Vieille Ferme. Some of the visitor favorites include the Fillet of Beef Rossini, the Milling Perch Fillets w/ Apple Fries, and the Horse Steak. As far as other dishes go some of the must-tries are the Warm Goat Cheese and Walnut Salad, the Snail w/ Garlic Butter, and the Valais Plate, which includes ham, dried meat, bacon w/ herbs, and cheese. But on any trip to a Swiss cuisine serving restaurant if you try nothing else Swiss you must try a fondue. At La Vieille Ferme the typical cheese fondue is great, but if you really want to splurge and really get a taste of this Swiss specialty you may want to go for something like the Beef Fondue Bourguignonne. This particular fondue may be a bit on the expensive side but it is well worth the money you will pay to try it.
  • The Hotel Victoria Restaurant – The last restaurant that offers Swiss food that we will mention is the Hotel Victoria Restaurant, an establishment with so much to offer. The dishes served here are not your norm, but rather complicated dishes that use some of the best and most unique ingredients. From the Hors d’oeuvres to the very last bite of your desert you will be reminded of why you chose to eat at this particular Montreux restaurant. Some of the many dishes in the various categories that are perfect dishes for first timers and Swiss food aficionados to try include the Breton Lobster w/ Black Truffle Oil Salad, the Sole Meunière, the Sisteron Lamb w/ Herbs, the Tournedos w/ Béarnaise Sauce, and the Kidney of Veal Fired w/ Chives and Shallots and Served w/ Rice Pilaf. This is just a sample of some of the great dishes on the menu, but if you had to choose any of these you would certainly leave the restaurant not disappointed.

To be sure, these are not the only restaurants in Montreux were you can find a fabulous Swiss meal, but they do offer some of the finest Swiss foods and some of the best atmospheres. The variety of dishes offered at these places will give you a true idea as to why so many people love Swiss food.