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Montreux Switzerland is a Swiss ski destination with so much to offer in addition to access to the spectacular Swiss Alps. This very small municipality, consisting of only just over 20,000 residents, boasts not only the mountains but also a lake and plenty of interesting scenery throughout the town. Many people choose Montreux Hotels for their ski vacation because, not only is the town a lovely site to see but it is also in very close proximity to some of the best European skiing. And it is one of the few ski areas in Switzerland, or anywhere else for that matter, that is also a vibrant city with much else to offer. Aside from enjoying the wonderful amenities offered by your Montreux accommodation there are a couple of other things in the town that you will also want to enjoy. Château de ChillonWhen touring Montreux it is absolutely essential that you pay a visit to Château de Chillon. The historic castle is definitely a sight to see, and just as interesting is the history that is associated with the castle. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Montreux, and when you get a chance to tour the castle you will definitely see why that is. Château de Chillon is located right on Lake Geneva near a number of the most popular Montreux hotels, so when you visit one you can visit the other as well. Lake GenevaThis is another sight well worth seeing during your stay in Montreux, if not to enjoy one of the many available activities then to simply enjoy the sight that it is to see. Lake Geneva sits between the town of Montreux and the base of the Swiss Alps, so you can imagine the level of beauty you will see in the scenery. A trip to Montreux is surely not complete without a trip to Lake Geneva. Montreux Switzerland is a great place to visit, whether you are visiting for skiing or simply to see the marvelous sight that the Swiss Alps are to see. These are just a couple of things that you must get out of your Montreux accommodation to see during your stay in one of Switzerland’s most spectacular cities.